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Discover how our comprehensive suite of AI solutions can transform and optimize your online business. Elevate your customer engagement, streamline processes, and unlock the full potential of AI-driven technologies.

AI-Powered Customer Support System

Spending too much time answering support tickets? Now answer your customers 24x7 using your own data source, be it documents, PDFs, or websites.

Language Translation System

Stuck with the language barrier? Build a robust translation system that translates your website content, blogs, support tickets, emails, etc. to any language.

Q&A on Documents System

Want to find answers from documents? Build systems that let you find answers from PDFs, Docs, PPTs, Text files, etc.

Educational Chatbots

Overloaded with student queries on your platform? Build systems that answer any queries students have at School or College.

AI-Powered Company Knowledge Base

Can't find answers from Wikis and Docs? Build AI systems that let you answer anything from Wikis, Docs, etc.

E-mail Marketing Optimization using AI

Are your customers finding your emails irrelevant? Send personalized emails to your customers based on their actions performed.

Text summarization systems

Want to give your users a quick summary of your blogs, articles, or documents? Build text summarization systems.

Resume/Document Screening System

Too many documents to filter the right candidate? Build a document screening system that lets you find the perfect match quickly.

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We build powerful AI apps that support integrations with popular apps

Our solutions support a wide range of data sources and vector stores.


120+ integrations with applications like Slack, GitHub, Notion, AWS S3, etc


35+ vector data storages supported.

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How it works

We follow a streamlined process for the development.

Here are the steps and the bonuses we provide.
Discovery call

Brief introductions. Tell us about your business requirements and how we can help you.

Features & Timeline Discussion

We come up with proposed features & timelines and take feature suggestions from your side as well.

Start of Development

We start the development after the feature & timeline discussion.

Weekly catch-up calls

We meet once every week to discuss the changes and show the progress.

1 year of FREE customer support

Get free customer support for 1 year after development.

10 additional feature requests

Get 5 major and 5 minor feature requests developed by us within the next 1 year.

Available on Slack

Ping us on Slack for quick queries. We'll have a channel. Available in IST.

Pay as we develop

We support paying in installments. Pay once you're satisfied.

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